Beyond DetectGPT: Towards AI-generated Text Detection in a Black-box Setting


Final project for DS-GA 1012 Natural Language Understanding and Computational Semantics (graduate-level), supervised by Dr. Sophie Hao. The project is done collaboratively by Bale Chen, Corey Chen, Richen Du, and Manli Zhao.

Recently, we have witnessed many releases of highly capable large natural language generation (NLG) models, which elicits potential issues like plagiarism. It is essential to develop a reliable detector to distinguish between human and machine-generated text. Our paper builds upon the DetectGPT framework and generalizes it to a more challenging black-box setting where we cannot access the model that generates the content. We proposed a fine-tuned OPT approach that consistently outperforms other methods in the black-box setting but fails to match up with the white-box DetectGPT. We also analyzed potential reasons for the poor performance of the ensemble method and noising perturbation. Lastly, accuracy under false positive control (AFC) is shown to be a better metric than AUROC score in the context of AI-generated text detection. Our findings show that the fine-tuned OPT method is an efficient approach to the black-box AI-generated text detection task and has the potential to generalize DetectGPT to a black-box setting.

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